VortexSeries GT-65 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Gasket Mount

Full Hotswappable Universal 5 Pin Switch South Facing PCB
– Gasket Mount
– 3 Mode Of Connection (Bluetooth 5.0 Up To 3 Device, 2.4 GHz Wireless Dongle, Wired)
– CSA Profile with PBT Doubleshot
– Rotary Aluminium Knob (Removeable with the Daughter Board)
– Battery 3000mAh (1 Month Warranty)
– Durock V2 Stablizer
– Case Foam, Poron Switch Pad, Poron Plate Foam
– Coiled Cable Aviator Type C Connector
– RGB Programable Lightning, and Music Rhythm
– Full Keys Anti Ghosting
– Elegant Build
– 2in1 Keycap & Switch Puller
– Software available On Our Website
– 1 Year Warranty VortexSeries

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